Tax Season is Upon Us

There are 2 sure things in life, “death and taxes.” For many, income tax can be confusing and overwhelming to understand. Every year there are new changes both at the federal and provincial level. Here are a few highlights to be aware of in 2017;

Scholarship and Bursaries

Education amount is now called “qualifying student” to ensure the current scholarship exemption is unaffected. This exemption now includes scholarships and bursaries for students 16 years and over at the end of 2017. Students need to be enrolled in a post-secondary school in Canada for programs not deemed post-secondary level but provides skills or to improve skills for an occupation.

Caregiver Amount

The new Canada Caregiver amount combines;

  • The family caregiver amount
  • Amount for infirm dependants and the original caregiver amount

Its purpose is to provide tax credit for persons who care for someone with physical or mental impairment

Claims range from $2150 to $6883 for each dependant. CRA may request a statement from a medical practitioner in order to claim the deduction.

Tuition, Education, and Textbooks

Claims for education and textbook amounts have been eliminated from 2017 taxation. Unused tuition and education amount from previous years can still be carried forward and applied to other income.

Credits eliminated by CRA

The following credits have been eliminated for the 2017 tax returns

  • Public transit amount
  • Children’s fitness tax credit
  • Children’s arts amount
  • Family income splitting

Dates to remember for 2018 tax filing

February 28th

Last day to issue T4’s, T4A’s, and T5’s to employers and Canada Revenue Agency

March 1st

2018 Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) deadline for contributing to your RRSP for the 2017 tax filing year

March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, December 15th

CRA Installment payment due dates for 2017 taxes

April 22nd

Deadline to set up a pre-authorized debit payment with CRA for 2017 to avoid interest charges

June 15th

Self employed filing due date for 2017 tax returns. Balance owing still needs to be paid by April 30, 2018 to avoid any interest penalties

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