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We are a thorough, detailed-oriented professional accounting service firm with extensive experience in computer technology and systems conversions for small-business and corporate sectors.

Compliance / Compilation

We compile the bookkeeping data received into annual financial statements for corporate tax returns and other financial statement users using the Compilation Standard CSRS 4200. Our report includes;

The business balance sheet, statement of income and retained earnings, notes to the financial statements describing the basis of accounting applied in the preparation of the compiled financial information.

A compilation engagement report including a reference to the note that describes the basis of accounting used to prepare the financial information and management's and the practitioner's respective responsibilities and clarification that no procedures are performed to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by management

Corporate T2, installment schedules

Other relevant information, if required

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services utilize cloud software systems such as Sage Accounting, Quickbooks Online and Xero so that you can review your financial numbers in real time. We also recommend data capture software such as Hubdoc so that your bills and expenses are easily captured in the accounting software. With cloud accounting you can invoice your clients immediately upon completion of the job and receive payment that much faster. By removing the doldrums of data entry, we are better able to provide you with business advice. Our services include:

Recording payable and receivables

Processing employees payroll; preparing CRA payroll remittances; WCB reporting

GST/HST and PST reporting

Record depreciation and any other adjusting entries

Canadian Tax Services

Corporate tax returns

We prepare annual corporate tax returns (T2), and related schedules and e-file them for you. We focus on coordinating personal and corporate tax returns to ensure the best tax position possible.

Personal Tax Returns

We file basic tax returns for students, seniors, individuals, and families. We also file more complex tax returns such as small business, rental income, capital gains, vacation properties or investments.

Special End of Life Estate Returns

We file the special estate and other returns that are required when someone passes.

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